Our Story

Zeno Media is reimagining radio.

We build innovative tools to empower broadcasters and connect them to a highly engaged, international listener base.

With a unique foothold in niche and diaspora communities, Zeno Media has grown into the fourth largest streaming platform in the world. Every day, more than one million people in 150+ countries are listening to radio stations on the Zeno Media network.

Our investment in local broadcasting and understanding of the digital audio technology space runs deep. Zeno Media was founded in 2011 with the vision of creating a digital audio company for immigrant communities to access their hometown radio stations and native language programming.

Zeno Media’s first product, Call-to-listen, was developed by Founder Baruch Herzfeld initially for a security guard in Herzfeld’s building. Herzfeld set up a phone line so the guard could tune into church services in his native Twi. The number was quickly shared within the community, and alongside CEO Morris Berger, Herzfeld set out to build more audience tools and monetization opportunities for local and established broadcasters.

Zeno Media has been developing products for over ten years including Podcast By Phone, ZenoRadio and ZenoLive. We recently acquired the only other leader in the space, AudioNow, to form a global media powerhouse serving 10.5 billion listening minutes in over 100 languages.

We see the evolution of the telecommunications and spoken-word audio industries as an opportunity, and are constantly innovating: inventing new ways to empower local and established voices around the world.