Our Story

Empowering broadcasters and minority and diaspora audiences all over the world

As a global top 10 streaming platform, Zeno Media supports and connects minority and diaspora communities—regardless of where they are—through spoken word programming in their mother tongues.

  • Live & on-demand content
  • 1M+ daily global listeners
  • 9M+ monthly active users
  • 10.5B+ listening minutes
  • 150+ countries
  • 100 languages supported

Our very first service, call-to-listen, was developed by our founder Baruch Herzfeld, with the aim of helping others “feel at home” despite being hundreds or thousands of miles from it. And now, working alongside CEO Morris Berger, Herzfeld continues to create new products and services to help broadcasters reach audiences on a global scale.

Bridging the digital divide

Since our official founding in 2011, we’ve continued developing innovative tools and services for both broadcasters and audiences. From providing better, higher-quality streaming options to enabling call-ins during live programming, to analytics and reporting, advertising and monetization, and beyond.
And as the world’s technological capabilities grow, we invent and advance more services to help broadcasters and their audiences interact and connect with each other, no matter where they are.