Zeno Media in the news

“Zeno Media delivers tremendous value to our business and brand,” said Harold Isaac, CTO of Radio Kiskeya, Haiti.
Zeno Media Announces Strategy To Exclusively License Broadcasting Content Globally

“My show, sometimes it goes to three hours, because the cab drivers, they don’t want it to end.”
Call-to-Listen Radio, A Respite for African Immigrants

“Vincent will be heading up advertising revenue for mobile apps and developing new strategies to promote subscription revenue.”
Zeno Media Names Vincent Meyer as Chief Mobile Officer

“…creating a global media powerhouse that serves 2 billion monthly listening minutes in more than 100 languages and across 150 countries.”
CNBC: ZenoRadio Acquires AudioNow and Announces Global Rebranding to Zeno Media

“Baruch Herzfeld, an entrepreneur in New York City, had a novel idea: connect immigrants in the U.S. with radio stations in their home country using nothing more than a cheap cellphone.”
NPR’s All Things Considered, Cellphones As Radios: Immigrants Dial In To Native Stations

“If you’ve hadn’t heard of Zeno Radio, you’re probably draining most of your phone data streaming radio stations.”
L’union Suite, Cellphones As Radios: Listen To Haiti’s Top Stations Without Internet


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