Use cellphones as radios to expand your footprint and monetize content

Reach listeners on any mobile phone

People want to stay connected. Zeno Media is the only company making it possible for listeners to affordably access their favorite hometown radio station or personality through a simple telephone call. Call-to-listen is a free, advertising-supported listening service designed for audio broadcasters.

How does it work? Each broadcaster we partner with has a dedicated access number, and listeners calling in connect immediately to the broadcaster’s live or on-demand programming. Call-to-listen use mobile minutes with no additional charges, so the service does not require a smartphone, data plan or even an internet connection which benefits geographically diverse audiences.

With Call-to-listen, our broadcasters increase their footprint worldwide and enjoy an incremental and highly effective monetization platform through our global carrier deals.

  • New revenue model
  • Over $10m in revenue sharing with broadcasters
  • Bridge the Digital Divide
  • Reached Displaced Audiences
  • Live and 0n-demand content
  • Comprehensive Analytics
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