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With 10+ years working with the world’s leading broadcasters, we understand the industry from a global perspective. We’ve built relationships with over 5,000 radio partners, helping amplify both local and established voices in 97 different languages. Partnering with us means a simplified and profitable connection to an global audience with minimal vendors. Ready to work with us?

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Success stories:

  • Since 2008 we’ve worked closely with the BBC, developing mobile apps garnering over 100k installations and monetization strategies. Since BBC World Service began using Zeno Media’s Call-to-listen service for their Arabic, Swahili, English, and Somali language programming, they’ve averaged one million calls every month.

  • We partnered with Voice of America to build dedicated Call-to-listen lines, making broadcasts accessible in over a dozen languages including Amharic, Vietnamese, Hausa, Creole, Burmese and Tibetan. In addition, we built a suite of over a dozen custom mobile apps including the VOA Mobile Streamer and VOA Creole, making Voice of America’s content more versatile.

  • Striving to “enrich and enlighten the global Persian community”, we have worked together to make Radio Hamrah’s vision into a reality. Broadcasting from Los Angeles, with the creation of the Radio Hamrah app the station has been able to reach the Persian community across the globe. Thousands of listeners from over a hundred countries listen to Radio Hamrah every month on their mobile devices. Listeners with little or no data plans benefit from the Call-To-Listen service as well.

  • Our first foray into producing a custom app for a mega personality was with Lieberman Broadcasting, the largest privately held, minority-owned Spanish-language broadcaster in the U.S. The app, made for Don Cheto, was an immediate success, garnering over 100k downloads in under six months. Our relationship with Lieberman grew, and we upgraded six additional apps for the company.