Zeno Media us helped bridge the gap between Haitian communities across America.
Harold Isaac | CTO | Kiskeya International
The reach we have accomplished has exceeded our expectations! From startup to execution, Zeno Media has been really helpful.
Sharon Laviera | Recruiter | MJ Morgan Group
Zeno Media has given me the platform to fulfill my dreams of presenting my own radio shows on air and reaching a global audience.
Eircast | Owner | Radio Ireland
Zeno Media has been a crucial part in the growth of Punjabi Radio USA. The dial-in phone service expands our reach significantly further than our terrestrial stations ever could, and it is a hit with our listeners.
Mr. Harjot S. Khalsa | Owner | Punjabi Radio USA
Zeno Media gives us the possibility to expand our voice and mission through our radio stream. We are really thankful.
Jean Benjamin | Manager | Radio Voix de la Grace
The new BBC Somali App serves our mobile-first audience, providing them with a direct way to access our content in audio and text.
Caroline Karobia | Editor | BBC Somali
Voice of America is now available on even the simplest of mobile phones.
Kelu Chao | Program Director | Voice of America
This is one slick app with lots under the hood: live streaming, podcasts, galleries, blogs, social networks and more.
Brian Hartz | Director of Digital Media | ESPN's The Team 980