Case Study

Peace FM: Exceeding Expectations in Ghana

Peace FM, the #1 talk station in Ghana, was having a problem. Their streaming audience was far smaller than their less popular competitors. Zeno Media was able to help them.

Peace FM signed up for Zeno’s free streaming service. In just a few days it became apparent that the “unlimited” streaming they had been paying for was actually secretly capped. With Zeno Media’s truly unlimited streaming the audience size quickly climbed. In addition, Zeno Media’s unlimited Relays option allowed Peace to create a separate stream for each distribution point that their audience was connecting to. Detailed analytics on source of audience enabled Peace FM to market more accurately.

Peace FM saw an audience increase of 30% in just one month. Audio quality was far higher. Plus, they have earned tens of thousands of dollars by connecting with our programmatic ads partners.

They are so happy with the streaming service they are signing up for a Zeno Media custom app.